Monday, October 17, 2011


The dink made his first joke recently. Admittedly, it was a little blasphemous, but J and I cracked up for a good 4-5 minutes anyway.

Dink's at that age where he repeats, and even more scary, remembers just about everything you say. And even if he doesn't quite get all the syllables right in your choice phrase, no matter, because he can somehow pick up the exact context of when to use the phrase, so when he repeats it in public at just the right awkward moment, you can be sure everyone will know what he meant to say. Not that I'm trash talking around him. But having him around repeating my every exasperated expression lately is making me realize that there is always room to improve...
 Anyway, we were in the car, on the way home from mass one Sunday, when something prompted the dink to exclaim "Oh my gosh!" Which prompted me to suggest to the dink that instead of saying that entire expression, how about we just say "Oh my!" and leave it at that. Which prompted J to suggest another alternative expression, slightly more off-color than the original: "Hey D, how about you say Holy Cow!"? And of course the dink cracked up at that. So J took it further: what about Holy Mackerel!? The dink laughed even harder. And then, reaching deep into his short-term memory for inspiration, he delivered his first punchline: "Holy Ketchup!" 

J and I just kept giggling, looking at each other with wild, surprised eyes that our little baby boy was capable of such sophisticated thinking. Daddy, who loves delivering his own original, self-crafted punchlines more than just about anything in life, was proudest. I had stop laughing a moment early, though, to reflect on my failed attempt to instill a higher moral standard in the language of my family. But oh well; it was pretty damn funny.