Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Beans

Few things in the dink's life are as good as green beans. Sure, there was the antique bookcase he was obsessed with looking at for a while, and then the light switch phase. And of course, banging on a cd player is still really important, as well as holding mama's keys and seeing the cats outside. But the ultimate leg-kicking, panting, wide-eyes, and rabid mouth opening are reserved singly for green beans. So far, the dink has eaten apples, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas (hates), cereal, and yogurt. And of course the green beans. Whoever said, don't feed your baby fruit first because then they'll always prefer it to vegetables was stupid. I could feed the dink melted chocolate from a spoon, and I truly believe he'd abandon it for a side of mama's homemade green mush.

I really enjoy making baby food, and I'm pretty proud of myself for abandoning all of those plastic containers and glass jars for a blender, some ice trays, and whatever good looking produce I can find. I love to see the ziploc bags lined up in the freezer--bright orange for carrots, deep dark green for the grean beans, a thick minty color for peas, a fall burnt orange for sweet potatoes, and a gradient of creamy yellow to brown for the bananas. Strangely, the cubes that look most appealing are the apples--an opaque off-white that look so smooth and tasty every time I pull them out to put in his glass tupperware for daycare. Making the baby food is like breastfeeding at this point--can be a pain but really gives me pleasure and satisfaction when I'm done.

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